Transport Giant

Simulation 2004 Windows Akella Trains Tycoon style Civil Strategy

Build your empire

fans of city- and empire-building games like SimCity, Transport Tycoon and Railroad Tycoon might be tempted to check out this similarly themed title but while it offers the same kind of complex management fun as these other games, it doesn't quite live up to their standards. The concept here is similar to many others in the genre, and requires players to build up their transport network of land, air and sea vehicles through careful management and planning. The game starts out in the good old days of the 1800s with horse drawn carriages and steam engines and if you are successful, then you get to move through the next 200 years of technology and play with the likes of maglev trains, supersonic planes and other such delights. Of course, to get there, you need to think carefully about how your business develops and make wise choices about what to invest in and where to build your networks. There is a broad range of maps to play on as well as two campaign to work through, one in Europe and the other in the US, with very different challenges offered by each mode and location. As far as transport-themed games go, this one is solid if unspectacular. It has all the options you could hope for, with plenty of customization and tweaking to be done, while the visuals are pleasing if exactly as you would expect from such a game. Indeed, this is something which could be said about the game in general as there is a distinct sense of deja vu about the whole thing. If you have played any similar game you will know exactly what to expect here but if you haven't you're probably better off checking out one of the aforementioned titles first.

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