Chris Sawyer's Locomotion

Simulation 2004 Windows Akella Design Tool Tycoon style City simulation Building Simulation strategy Strategy Managerial

For hardened transport tycoons only

Gamers who enjoy creating their own worlds and watching them grow will find Locomotion an engrossing experience, one which provides myriad opportunities for potential empire-builders to express their imagination in a virtual environment. At the heart of the game is the idea of transportation and players must develop an efficient infrastructure by which to move around various types of cargo. You must attempt to meet the needs of your population as effectively as possible using various forms of transportation. For hardcore strategy fans, this may prove engaging, with its extensive content and requirement for deep, strategic l thinking. Unfortunately, a number of annoyances get in the way of making this anything more than a short-term investment. The user interface is unresponsive and awkward, rendering construction frustrating, while managing your fleet of vehicles is also painful. The game is also extremely ugly, with drab visuals that fail to draw players in. Although extremely similar to Sawyer's previous game, Transport Tycoon, this is actually something of a step back, which is disappointing given the ten-year difference between the two. Dedicated town-planners or transport buffs who can ignore Locomotion's limitations may find amusement here, but everyone else is advised to look elsewhere.

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