Transport Tycoon

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Complex and absorbing business sim

For fans of SimCity and other such games which mix business with entertainment, Transport Tycoon makes for a superb experience, providing as it does accessible gameplay with complexity and depth. The goal of the game is simple enough and sees players taking control of a transport company at the time of America's Great Depression. They must help it develop and grow through the years, taking into account changes in technology and markets, with the ultimate aim of creating an empire encompassing almost all forms of transport, from trucks and ships to planes and helicopters. One of the joys of the game is its open ended nature, with players starting out with just a handful of cash and some blank terrain which they can develop in any fashion they see fit. The best way to start is by connecting towns with simple transport routes but you'll soon see that the possibilities are endless and you can go in any direction you want. The game is presented via the usual isometric perspective which makes it easy to zoom around and keep track of your empire, while the myriad options are easily accessible through the well designed and user-friendly interface. Visuals are simple and easy on the eye, but it is the detail on display here that really impresses. While the subject matter may not sound instantly appealing, once you get into things, it becomes highly absorbing to watch your little empire grow and it is immensely satisfying when you weather the economic storm and best your rivals with you carefully laid plans. For any budding entrepreneurs out there this really is a great game, but check out Transport Tycoon on Mars for a neat sci-fi twist on the theme.

A must for tycoon style lovers

This great business simulation game is from the same designer that made Rollercoaster Tycoon. The gameplay that it supports is very addictive and it has a very high replay value which is liked by most gamers around the world. Before starting any game in the career mode, you will get to select your own settings so that you can give it your own touch. You can also change the settings of the map to your liking. After you are set to start, you will have to build a tycoon transport business and these activities will help you generate cash which will enable you to become the biggest business tycoon. Advancing on in levels will help you gain more advanced and high capacity vehicles. The graphics are in the game are fairly average and the UI is great.

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