Transport Tycoon Deluxe for Windows

Simulation 1996 Windows Microprose Trains Tycoon style Strategic scope

Amazingly diverse transportation tycoon

I got to give it to this title: while the transportation tycoon type game might have evolved in recent times, I still find playing Transport Tycoon so much more rewarding and engaging. So, I asked myself, why is that; why is a relatively old game better, or more engaging than the more modern counterparts? Well, it is simple: because Transport Tycoon is elegant, simple to interact with and at the same time can lead to so many diverse scenarios that you simply can't quit. But, this specific version, Transport Tycoon Deluxe for Windows is even more interesting, as it not only contains a few fixes that the original didn't have access to but also quite a few new tiles and an improved economical engine. SO, whatever it was that the original done well (I didn't play much of it though, this version is definitely the one to go for, the best, unless you play Open TTD, the open source community driven version) this version does even better. It is much better produced, it behaves better and it is just as sweet and engaging, graphically, gameplay wise, etc. I love it and so will you, if you give it just half a chance!

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