Simulation 2001 Windows 1C Company Business Tycoon style Strategic scope Strategy

Amusing, complex and full of soul

Tropico is a 2001 simulation game, that reminds us of the popular city-building videogames. The originality in Tropico stays in its complexity, soul, amusing feature, and humanity. The setting is the Caribbean island, where you have to create a new background, of your choice. The buildings collection contain houses, farms, churches, hospitals, pubs, police stations, mines, cigarette factories and more. Your own city can also include power plants, casinos, and TV stations. In either way, you receive plenty of options to rebuild and to turn this island into a tropical paradise. The scenarios will put you in various difficult situations. This will be a treat, because your missions are very interesting, and depending on the type of the scenario, and on your society's perception upon you, different tactics can be adopted. I loved the freedom I had upon my wonderful world I was about to build, and the game allows you to set every aspect on the environment. The challenge can be made more attractive when involving in some missions that request a change in the population, the economy or tourism. You can even choose a personality as a dictator, a man that made history: Che Guevara, Fidel Castro or Lou Bega. Fun, fun, fun! Don't miss this great game!

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