Treasure Island

Puzzle 2006 Windows NevoSoft Seek and find Casual Minigame Arcade

A tile-matching game

This game, released by NevoSoft in 2006 is quite fun to play for a tile-matching game, that is not quite like Tetris, but more like Zuma. The rules are simple, you have to match minimum 3 tiles in every direction, diagonals, horizontal or vertical. After you place a tile, yours swaps with the one that is on the position you click. There are also high-point tiles which if you match give a big bonus. There are two modes (Classic and Relaxed), the classic mode consisting of time-limited match whilst in the relaxed mode you are not constrained by time. In each mode you have to cross a map path that is shown at the beginning of each match each checkpoint on it increasing the difficulty of the puzzle. At the end of each match funny skeletons start dancing and lots of jewellery drop from the top of the screen. The graphics of this game are neat, well-lighted and colourfull, in colors specific to a pirate-adventure type of game. This game is fit for every age and you are welcome to try it out.

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