Restaurant Empire

Simulation 2003 Windows Akella Life simulation Business Strategic scope Economic Managerial Simulator

A diverse look at the world of restaurant business

Restaurant Empire is a neat take on the idea of what a tycoon game should be. Yes, there is economic and management bits in there, but there are also some other elements, delivered via minigames, which make this game feel so much better overall, more interesting to play, more close to the player and more challenging even, from the point of view of the skills that need to be used. Therefore, Restaurant Empire is, while I couldn't say unique, is a savory (sic!) game, diverse, well produced, and while a bit all over the place, still a virtual manager's best friend. As the name suggests, you will be managing eateries, from the actual menus served to employing chefs and aids and all that. The level of detail is pretty deep but never goes out of hand, so you'll be able to enjoy this without feeling overwhelmed. Also, be prepared for quite a hardcore dose of spreadsheet and slide bar interaction, but, as I said, that's not the only thing the game puts you in control of, so you can rest assured that you won't get bored. And if this business feels too much for you, try Lemonade Stand, which surely keeps things a little simpler and more monomania like!

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