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Become God in this earth creating game

Who could forgot Sim City, the city simulation game that started a craze and a series of spinoffs? One of those spinoffs was Maxis Sim Earth, an extremely ambitious game where you basically play the role of God. Given a bird's eye view of the planet, you are instructed to craft your planet and evolve intelligent life. The game made significant use of the Gaia Hypothesis, who had a hand in the game and even went as far as to write and introduction for the manual. Never before had there been a game as comprehensive as Sim Earth at the time. You could do almost anything within the 10 billion year time frame given to you by the game, and you could even restart the developmental periods of the planet to birth intelligent life. Ambitious for it's time, Sim Earth was everything great about Sim City and more, and further cemented Maxis as a brilliant developed capable of bringing wonderful simulation experiences to your computer. This is a game you don't want to miss at all, and it's highly recommended!

Like a God

SimEarth: The Living Planet was perhaps the most ambitious Maxis game ever released (until the unfortunately mediocre SPORE). With John Lovelock's Gaia hypothesis in mind, SimEarth puts the player in the position of God, viewing his planet from a bird's-eye view, with the ability to create life, alter the shape of the continents, and control the atmospheric composition and tectonic activity, among many other things. This power is limited, however. Many scenarios are available, such as modern-day Earth and Daisyworld, as well as the ability to start from scratch. There is no real goal in this game, although shepherding a sentient species all the way to the point where they leave your planet in a mass exodus into space will definitely make you feel proud.

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