Uncharted Waters

Strategy 1990 Dos Dosbox KOEI Historical

High seas trader and pirating simulator!

Uncharted Waters is one of those hard to categorize simulation games, with a hefty dose of management and trading, but with lots of other elements so it doesn't pigeonhole itself into a specific genre type of game. Presentation wise this is a heavy menu based management game with a top down map where you will manage your ships, while the more specific activities of the game all receive their own screen and interactivity interfaces. In terms of time frame captured in the simulation, Uncharted Waters is a 17th century game. In a way Uncharted Waters is like Patrician in terms of internal organization of the trade and of all the other elements presented. The quality of the simulation is also well into that category, and, also, the quality of the graphics is not without merit, maybe even better than most of the 91 strategy releases. So, all things considered, Uncharted Waters is a really well put together game, diverse, well paced, maybe on the slower side than most other games I played with the same combination of strategy. Alternatively, if you're not interested in the exploration of Nordic hemisphere that Patrician offers, the Anno series offers a similar contraption (!) of strategy threads captured into one.

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