Uncharted Waters 2

Strategy 1993 Dos Dosbox KOEI Historical

Set sail for adventure!

The original Uncharted Waters is a cracking mix of Final Fantasy-style RPG elements and Romance of the Three Kingdoms-style strategy, with a good dose of Pirates! and The Patrician as well. This sequel expands on the success of its predecessor and turns out to a wonderful little experience that is more than worthy of your time. This time around, you find yourself in the 16th century, when the Age of Sail was just kicking off and the world was ripe for exploration. You get to choose from six very different characters, each with their own unique backstories and plot lines, before you head out into the wide blue yonder in search of fame, fortune and whatever else is out there. The main focus is very much on exploration, and you'll need to find a ship, pick a crew, get goods (if you want to be a trader) or weapons (if you want to be a pirate) and then figure out how you're going to make your money. Apart from the trading/management side of things, you also have a fun strategy combat section which involves careful manoeuvering of your ships and which even offers the chance to duel your opposing captain. Uncharted Waters 2 really is a cracking little game. It's got a surprisingly complex set of narratives, with a rich world to explore and some very memorable characters to meet and who are well written and believable. The mix of strategy, combat and trading is well handled, with all aspects neatly implemented into the overall experience. Throw in some charming visuals and a nifty interface and you have all the makings of a rollicking adventure.

Pirates themed strategy, arcade and RPG mash-up

Much in the style of Sid Meyer's Pirates!, Uncharted Waters 2 is a combination of high water pirate strategy involving ship battles, as well as arcade style mini games that depict ship boarding, fencing and other pirate like activities. The strategic portion of the game puts you in command of a ship and has you determine where to go next and whom to attack, while the RPG elements have to do with your main character, which can evolve and learn new abilities, granted that he gains experience points through battles and other activities. The game graphics look a lot like the Zelda game from the NES, with a top down view of the sea and islands. The battles however are run turn based on a grid like screen, as well as the fencing and the other actions, and will remind you of the older Final Fantasy games. The combination of different gameplay mechanics and styles of play coalesces to create a good, sturdy game, and you won't get bored too soon. However, after some time the game will become a bit repetitive, unless you get hooked. Great for Final Fantasy type gameplay enthusiasts who want a novel setting but similar mechanics.

Are you merchant, pirate or treasure hunter?

In UC2 you can play as a merchant, pirate, treasure hunter, cartographer, soldier... it has a beautiful atmosphere... It's better than Patrician trade simulation game and all the other pirates/sailing games, better than caribbean pirates/caribbean tales...

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