Genghis Khan

Strategy 1989 Dos Dosbox KOEI Historical War

Simple hex based conquer-em-all strategy

Genghis Khan, as the name suggests is a top down turn based strategy set in the primeval times of Genghis Khan, so, in terms of technology and war strategies, the clashes of horse bound and pedestrian units, armed with swords and bows, as well as ballistae and other long range siege weapons is where your inventory will be at. However, there are a few ideas at play, in the game, as far as gameplay is concerned. As long as you are familiar with classic turn based, top down gaming you will be immediately familiar with this game's offer; you get larger units, that can't be split any further and you have to position them on the map, in turns. Units are defined by their types of attacks, and also, by the way in which they move, the number of hexes they can go through in one go. Thus, it's both a question of knowing how and where to move them, and also, how to chain attacks for greater kill ratios. It's sufficiently easy to play, and to control and has very a very simple build. Graphically, the better option is to go for Genghis Khan – Clan of the Gray Wolf, which looks less basic, and has a similar build, strategically.

A great an epic warfare

The game is a part of a truly exciting KOEI series and is based on the inspirational exploits of the famous Mongol ruler who once conquered the largest empire. They have tweaked the RK engine and have made it really effective for the purpose of handling tribal warfare and nomadic lifestyle. Here you get to exercise the option such as razing the cities that you have conquered. I found that the controls are swifter which facilitates an exciting hit and run combat. It's not just a fighting game because it also involves strategy making. When you are done with unifying Mongol empire, you get to use different strategic options e.g. using diplomacy in different scenarios etc. The game really gathers it user's interest as a real ruler who needs to fight as well as be effective in the strategy making. The graphics are no way ordinary as they have used 3D animations an images and the sound quality is also great and alluring. This series does not end here because after this one, they came up with Genghis Khan 2 - Clan of the Grey Wolf which is as exciting with increased options.

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