Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War

Strategy 2005 Windows THQ Empire management Fantasy Real time

A mighty exceptional WAR RTS

Can I write a single phrase review for this game?! That would be: play it! It's an exceptionally engaging RTS, beautiful graphically, well endowed in the always exciting world of Warhammer, the universe in its future stage. What makes it such a likeable RTS is caught in many, many layers; graphically it is exceptional, gameplay wise it's exceptional, it does great job with the macroeconomic build as well as with the micro level of engagement and tactic play. It is, overall, a game that is much more than just a tick on the let's make an RTS in the Warhammer universe. Sure, it's not original, if you were hoping for mechanics, a balancing act that is novel or units that transcend the usual type of units found in these types of games. It had learned a lot from others and it has pushed boundaries, in very specific ways, in very specific areas. Thus, it is as cool a game as you'd imagine, very satisfying and very engrossing. Like I said, download and play it. And, additionally, download Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 2 Gold Edition too, a game that takes it all even further and makes a much better job of it all.

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