Warlords Battlecry 3

Strategy 2004 Windows Enlight Software Fantasy Real time Role Playing Real time strategy

Immensely diverse RTS with RPG bits

Warlords Battlecry 3 does a few things right. For the top down real time strategy genre, the kind where you build a base and then go on a rampage against the enemy it included a vast array of units, ground based, flying ones, static units you can use to protect your base and of course, working units, that can build or rebuild your tarnished buildings. Along with these classic RTS staples B3 also packs a hefty kernel of heroes, endowed with RPG traits that can be bettered in a couple of ways. This is done RPG style, so the more you use them, the more points you gain and the faster they can develop. The campaign uses a map onto which you go about grid style. Complete a mission and you can then choose between the bifurcating new missions. Some of the missions will require you rebuild your base, others ask you to skirmish your way with only a given number of units, and a few task you to survive with your hero only. Lots of races for the units and the heroes, lots of time to invest in both the RTS as well as the RPG portions. Plus it's the clean, colorful type of 2D graphics that are quite appealing, and I'd say, in the Warlords series is probably the most playable game. I personally still got the CD and I sometimes think of booting it again. It stuck with me as a good thing does, so I genuinely think it's a great game.

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