Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate

Strategy 1998 Windows Mindscape Organized forces Fantasy Real time Turn based Sci fi

One of the best Warrgamer games

Warhammer 40k is very popular in the gaming world for their phenomenal sci fi board games and it's a nice thing they turned to PC games, too. There were a few bad tries (like Wages of War), but with this one, they hit solid gold. What should be noted first in this great strategy game is the music - not only do you hear the marches of the marines, the also sing in Latin. And the sound system is really spectacural. The games graphic system is also very good and much better when compared to old Warhammer games, and the animation is very good with an excellent combat system. You have 15 scenarios that you can play individually or as a part of a campaign - your choice. The game follows the plot, system and setting of the Warrhammer universe, so old fans will feel right at home. The only minor objection should be made about the keyboard controls that can be a bit irritating, but when you overcome them, the rest is cake. This game truly is a great and challenging strategy game that stays true to the Warrhammer tradition and one of the best computerization of a Warrhammer board game. It is truly a gem!

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