Time Riders in American History

Puzzle 1992 Dos Dosbox The Learning Company Word or trivia Education Historical

An engaging educational game where you have a lot of work to do

Time Riders in American History is a retro educational game with a spying theme where you have to stop the devious plans of Thanatopsis Dread to dominate the world. Dread is trying to rewrite history, emitting false newscasts, but you have to find the truth and show it to the world before Dread succeeds with his evil plans. You are a team-leader, having a lot of work to do, and the gameplay is very engaging. When you suspect something smells fishy, you will put your efforts together to find the real truth about it. Your team is made of a savant named Amanda and a mapmonger named Josh. They are responsible for putting together informations and copies of them to see which is genuine. These informations concern past events. But the real savant, and time traveler of the group is a feline robot called KAT (Knowledge Access uniT). This robot will help you in your choices by interviewing the people of the past, getting biographical facts about those involved in the disputed events. The action takes place at Sea Cliff Manor, and you will divide your location visits between Amanda's room (where the TimeLine machine is), Josh's chamber (with his GeoFax), and the time-traveling booth of KAT. If you need additional help concerning your progress, this game abounds of options.

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