Knowledge Adventure

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Almanac like multimedia interactive adventure; very entertaining

Knowledge Adventure is a sort of digital almanac, mostly interesting when it first was released due to the fact that it contained hyper linking, a whole load of time before this type of media was to be used extensively by the World Wide Web. In terms of content it goes from history to literature to art and more. It has loads of visuals, recreations of portraits, of painting, sculpture, architecture and more. It's pretty fantastic and well realized, and therefore, it creates a great, always exciting and interesting digital journey through the world, in a very cool manner. Visually, the text and the pictures are used smart, to create enticing book like visuals, and so, with that in mind, you can really get a whole lot of info from the game/almanac. You will also like it if you are into interactive CD Rom productions, and thus, Knowledge Adventure will definitely offer you a great, satisfying experience. So, have it in your collection, it won't disappoint, of that you can be sure. Similarly, download Vincent van Gogh: Straight from The Heart, which has a similar build, CD Rom interactive style.

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