Gubble 2

Action 1999 Windows Actual Entertainment Platformer Puzzle based 3D

Minimalist but very strangely interesting strategy...

This game's main attraction is the very cool top down look that it has. It's almost as if the developers were aiming for that abstracted but not quite, naive painting but not quite look for this one. But, after you accommodate yourself with the isometric perspective, you will find that Gubble 2 is actually a quite enjoyable game. It's a simple, streamlined RTS, and by that I mean that there is not a whole lot of diversity around, but the bits and pieces that are included are sure well worth playing, as they manage to create a pretty involving game, overall. And so, Gubble 2 is a beautiful, well deserving game, the kind that really is a joy to play. It's not hard, and it's not a Red Alert replacer but it has its window of worthiness, so without question it is worth trying out. And, what's even more, it has a cool backstory also, which is great, especially since you wouldn't expect it to be as cool as it actually is. Sure enough, there is a level of happenstance about it being created as it is, but sometimes you got to roll with it, you know, not worry about the way it is produced, but just enjoy it.

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