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Through the hole and over the looking glass

Wonderland is a very creative text based adventure game (like the Zork series in the early days)set in the fictional world of Lewis Carrols Alice in Wonderland, and you play Alice herself, as she wanders in a world she has never seen, with talking animals and playing cards. The game has a interesting viewing system, with one window for text commands and responses, and the map and pictures presented in other windows which can be moved and rearranged at the player's discretion. The gameplay is consisted of you walking around the world and solving challenging, yet very original and logical puzzles. You also interact with the game's characters, who have a lot of personality and are very well written. The art is very beautiful, detailed and colorful, and unfortunately, there is no sound system. In any case, this is a thrilling adventure game that will attract all old game lovers and is definitely one of those that, no matter how many time passes, will never get boring. Enjoy!

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