Alice in Wonderland

Adventure 1989 Dos Dosbox R.C. Johnson Text based

Companion like text adventure for Lewis Carol`s novel

This is a text based adventure which allows you to experience the events of the Alice in Wonderland book in an alright text based fashion. The kind of challenges that were Alice's in the novel will be delivered to you here as well, in text based format, as puzzles, so you can dabble in them at your own pace! Thus, given that the game doesn't really stray too much off the beaten path of the book, you will find that it is a nice companion to the book, mainly for the children who want a bit of interaction with their novel reading. So, yeah, give it a try, Alice in Wonderland plays relatively well, features an alright parser (having a walkthrough around is useful, though!) and the graphics are quasi inexistent, as the game is exclusively text based. So, yeah, for those that have read though Alice in Wonderland, for those that are in the middle of reading, or for those that want to experience her adventure in a novel yet not to far straying form the classic materials this is a good proposition. For those those want a VIDEO game, though, a better idea is to choose American McGee's Alice, one of the best third person adventure and action games featuring Alice.

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