Die Kathedrale

Adventure 1991 Dos Dosbox Weltenschmiede Graphical IF

Gothic in atmosphere, well written adventure

While a text adventure at the core, this is one of those games where the static graphics added a lot to it, gave it a lot in terms of atmosphere and immersion. The game is set in a medieval setting and it revolves around some activities which, as in Umberto Eco's The Name of the Rose, turn the life of the inhabitants of a convent upside down. Now, while I would argue that Die Kathedrale is only superficially as good as Umberto Eco's work, for a text adventure it sure gets out of the crowd and offers you a deeper, more meaningful core story. And that's what should be why you download and play it, because it manages to transcend (within limits) the ideas and the concepts that are caught and entertained by the genre. A good alternative, also bred in the German lands, would be Soul Crystal which also showcases the writing and immersive skills of the land. Unfortunately, the puzzle structure of this one is not too novel, and yet it is more difficult than many other games, which makes it hard to stomach without a walkthrough, but, for the story and atmosphere, it's worth it.

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