World of Goo

Puzzle 2008 Windows 2D BOY Building Platformer Strategic scope Adventure Indie Strategy

Stunning puzzle fun

World of Goo is an absolutely delightful little game which mixes physics-based puzzling in the vein of Ethan: Meteor Hunter and Unmechanical, with construction gameplay to wonderful effect. It's all the more remarkable for having been made by just two guys and if you like your indie games to be inventive and downright fun, then this should be on your shopping list. It's all a bit weird, but the basic concept of the game has you dragging and dropping living bits of goo, which talk and squirm, in order to create structures, from houses to bridges, to cannons, zeppelins and even giant tongues. The idea is to eventually reach an extraction point in each level, but you only have a limited number of goo balls in order to get there, and there are numerous environmental hazards standing between you and success. There are many types of goo to unlock as you move through the levels, and which add to the inventiveness and variety. World of Goo really is an absolutely superb game which deserves to be played. It's got inventiveness by the bucket load, with level after level of incredibly creative action that will keep you enthralled and entertained. It's a long game but repetitiveness never sets in thanks to the imagination on display here and you can expect to be captivated to the end. The visuals are lovely, being simple but utterly charming with lots of personality, while the game's open-ended nature means you can keep coming back for more even after you've completed it. All in all, a classic game to stand comfortably alongside Lemmings in the puzzler hall of fame.

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