Building Panic

Puzzle 2001 Windows Ryuuto Yamada Building Platformer

Fun stupid little arcader with demolition workers!

I'm not quite sure if this game got what the day to day activities of construction workers are all about, but whatever, in this game's little world things are much more crazy, more colorful and more fun. Now, while the game is arcadey and action paced, it also asks of you to tackle it as a puzzler. You see, you compete against a team of construction workers, but in this game's world all sort of crazy stuff happens high in the sky! Motorcycles (which you ride!) pop in and out of the superimposed levels, sometimes debris falls from up above, anyway, your job is to get the job done while making the work of the construction workers harder (their cleaning of widows and many other activities) while insuring that the team doesn't get to finish the job. All in all, the game is cool, is fast and colorful and engaging, and the bike controls feel okay, the only thing that might keep you from having a fun time might be just the weird premise. If that's the case, I may I suggest the classic Mario game, for you to try; not that it's more sensible in its premise, but it sure doesn't go around on bikes high above ground!

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