Pipe Dreams

Puzzle 1989 Dos Dosbox Empire Interactive Reflex oriented Arcade style

Underrated but classic puzzler

After the popularity of Tetris brought puzzle games into the mainstream, it seemed as if every publisher worth their salt released similarly themed games onto the market, with titles like Columns, Klax and Puzznic all meeting with various levels of success. Pipe Dreams is one of the better examples out there and provides some suitably addictive and head scratching entertainment for puzzle fans. As with the best such games, the concept is simple: players must position a series of broken pipes into a continuous line so that a substance known as 'flooz' can flow through it unimpeded. Pieces are introduced in a random order, with seven different shapes available and with the flooz needing to pass through a certain number of pipes before the level is completed. Adding to the challenge is a strict time limit, while various bonuses are available for speedy completion of a level, or for performing cunning moves like making the flooz pass through every square on the board. Pipe Dreams really is a classic little puzzler, that has unfortunately not retained the status it deserves and has been relegated to undeserved obscurity. While the graphics and sound are minimal, this is unimportant as the core gameplay is so well designed. Levels play out in fast-paced fashion, providing plenty of manic positioning and requiring swift reflexes in order to succeed. There might not be much variety to the game, but that never hurt Tetris, and Pipe Dreams has that elusive one-more-go factor in spades, and which makes it a must play for puzzle fans.

An intensely fun puzzle game!

A classic arcade/puzzle style PC game, that is enjoyable to play, simple and highly addictive fun! The gameplay is rather simple, but not in a boring way. The pipe work on the water pipe must be completed within the set time frame or it is game over. The gameplay is entertaining for any all audiences as the pressure builds up in the harder levels, it will test any beginner to experienced gamers. The water flows through the pipes at different speeds often intersecting with other pipes along it's route. You are given random pieces of pipe and you never know what piece you are going to get next. You will scramble to complete pipes into closed circuit loops before the water spills out the end of the pipes. Basically Pipemania is the same game as Pipe Dreams, but improved on with graphics, gameplay and sounds, but was strangely just only released for the European market. I love this game and I remember it being one of the best puzzle games for the DOS computer system. Pipemania was released in 1989 as I was just getting old enough to appreciate video games and computers. It is still etched into my mind as a great puzzle game and it is a classic to revisit and it is good makes me happy there are still copies floating around on the internet to download of it. The newer modern day Pipe Mania remake of the game will never beat the original classic! Anyone can still enjoy this game young and old!

A highly addictive plumbing puzzle

Pipe Dreams, this is an early game on the PC, I can never forget. It has been ported to many different consoles and computers. I particularly remember playing Pipe Dreams on the Gameboy and MAC. There have been many cheaper quality versions of this game made by various different software houses, hence this game also being known by the name "Pipe Mania". The game is a puzzle game and a little bit like Tetris Classic. You play as a plumber in the game and the goal to the game is simple, you must connect the pipe from the start to the finish using the bits of pipe that are randomly thrown at you. The water begins to rush down the pipes at you as you race against the clock to complete your pipe circuit without leading the water off to nowhere as it rushes down your pipes you have built. It is fast paced puzzle action, that was once a classic, well known and popular, but for some reason the game has since faded into obscurity. It is definitely still worth a play and still stands up as a good simple puzzle game.

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