Worms Blast

Puzzle 2002 Windows Team17 Digital Ltd. Real time strategy Strategy Casual

Cartoon mayhem

The Worms series is known for its mix of madcap action, strategy, and humor, and most of the games offer huge amounts of multiplayer entertainment for those in need of some cartoon violence. Worms Blast is a bit of a departure for the franchise, being a puzzler akin to Puzzle Bobble, so don't go in expecting a true Worms game, but while it offers little real Worms action, it's actually a serviceable little game. Although the core elements are similar to the myriad Bust-a-Move clones out there, there are some major differences. Here, you're trying to color blocks on a hexagonal grid, with your worm character moving left and right at the bottom of the screen on a boat. In true Worms fashion, you've got access to a range of familiar weapons, with the usual mechanic of holding down the button to control your aim, and if the block you hit matches the color of the weapon, it is destroyed, with the overall goal being to clear the board. You've got a main puzzle mode to play through, which offers different challenges, while there's also a single-player high score mode and some riotous multiplayer offerings. For a neat variation on the Bust-a-Move formula, this is worth a look but don't expect to find the same kind of fun as in a traditional Worms game. Although the inclusion of some of the franchise's signature weapons is a nice touch, it still feels a bit like a tacked on use of the license. The visuals are bright and colorful but there are some strange gameplay mechanics and overall this is less than a must play.

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