Worms 2

Strategy 1997 Windows Electronic Arts Organized forces Real time Turn based Fighting

A fantastic 2D game, ideal for challenges!

Many of you might have played the first version of Worms but this time around, it has gone more diverse, more exciting ad more fun. They have made many new additions to all the aspects of the game and have added many stars to it. Starting with the gaming options or the gameplay, you now have the options to build more customized and larger teams with more voice overs and many other features. This larger customization has added a great depth of variety to it and has made it really a worth playing game. Moving on, you can now even build your own teams that will be controlled by the CPU. Similarly you also have the option to design your very own maps. Depth has been added to the gameplay by adding more weapons, articles and handy items of use which has made the adventure more thrilling and full of action. The graphics have been kept cartoonish with a great combination of colors and some really interesting voice overs which really makes the game quite fun to play. One can say that it is among the best 2D games and has really carried forward the legacy of the original Worms.

Worms improved!

Worms 2 is an artillery game, which is a subgenre of strategy game, developed by Team 17 as part of the Worms series. Worms 2 was a huge step forward into the series and a huge improvement over the previous games. Everything has been improved, from graphics to gameplay. Now, team creation and customization is much larger, with more voice overs, a larger team and many others. You can even create your own CPU controlled teams. Aside from that, you even have the power to design your own maps. The gameplay is hugely improved. Now you have more deadly weapons to use, handy items like the blowtorch, ninja rope and parachute, and accessing weapons is much easire now. The graphics are much colorfun and cartoonish and the different voice overs will surely put a smile on everyone's face. I know that there are still more great things about this game, but it's better for you to find out. Go ahead and download the game!

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