Puzzle Bobble

Arcade 1994 Dos Taito Single screen Puzzle based

Coloured balls in puzzle mayhem

Puzzle Bobble is a TAITO puzzle game that is (very) loosely based around the cult Bubble Bobble game series. The fact that it was based on Bubble Bobble is probably one of the main selling points of this game, otherwise it would just be some random puzzle game. The game is a side step from the side scrolling action platform game that Bubble Bobble had going for it including in the sequel Bubble Bobble featuring Rainbow Islands. It is very similar in style and gameplay to Bust a Move, which could still be seen being played in the arcades until into the year 2000. The game is very simple, it is much like the Sega game Columns, you must try to arrange 3 or more balls that are touching to make them dissapear, which can also dislodge any other balls (or bubbles) that are hanging to the group. You get one random color ball at a time and must use it or find a place for it on the board and sometimes you need to bounce it off walls to get the ball in a difficult angle. The game progressively gets harder as the time progresses much like in Tetris, with score points being the main aim to this game. An overall really enjoyable arcade puzzle game that is programmed and designed well and features your favorite characters from a well known arcade series. The game will completely captivate you from start until game over and features very addictive gameplay. An amusing game that is well worth a look!

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