X-Men: Madness in The Murderworld

Arcade 1989 Dos Dosbox Paragon Software Platformer Side scrolling

A great X-men arcade game with sheer action

For all X-game lovers, this game can really turn you on with excitement as it is a great arcade game which features some brilliant action sequences. Here you have all the characters from the X-men series which have been well animated and have the same powers as are related with them in the series. They will compete in the murder world against their old rival Magneto with all his deadly powers. A comic book with a limited edition was also released with the game. The features which will excite you and turn you on as I said earlier are the 500 actions along with combat screens. This sheer action makes the game quite diverse and fun to play. Some puzzle scenarios have also been incorporated in the game like find the key for opening the door. The graphics in this game are very attractive as the characters have been well defined to make you live the characters of the X-men series. Though it is a bit of platformer and a bit of a side scrolling game but still the gameplay is not short of being awesome. So I would definitely recommend this all of those who admire the X-men characters and want to play them in a different sense.

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