Prince of Persia 2

Arcade 1993 Dos Dosbox Broderbund Platformer Myth and legend Side scrolling

Classic swashbuckling adventure

While many gamers will be familiar with the Prince of Persia's later 3D adventures, like Sands of Time, Warrior Within and Two Thrones, his original 2D platformers are well worth checking out as they offer a fun and exciting mix of sword-fighting action and puzzling solving. The plot this time around sees the Prince once again battling against the evil Jafar and must travel to faraway lands to find the means to defeat him, and which involves battling against sword-wielding enemies, leaping across rooftops and generally behaving like a Persian version of Indiana Jones. This sequel is largely similar to its predecessor in terms of gameplay, with the Prince exploring various exotic environments including dungeons, palaces and mountainsides, while engaging in fencing duels and jumping puzzles as you proceed towards your destiny. The focus this time around is on combat, with more frequent enemies that can include up to four opponents at any one time, while the previous game's tough time limit returns to add to the challenge. The graphics are one area which has seen a notable update and the environments and sprites are much more appealing, offering plenty of variety and detail, and the game's atmosphere is one of its strongest points and makes a pleasant change from the usual fantasy and sci-fi settings. The sound however is a little disappointing, being quite minimalist, and lacking in charm. Apart from this minor niggle though, this is a worthy sequel that is definitely worth playing if you are into platformers like Ghosts & Goblins and Rick Dangerous.

The King has become a beggar

Prince 2, is the sequel to the original classic Prince of Persia game. While receiving less publicity as the first game, Prince of Persia 2 was nevertheless a classic. Better graphics, 3D looking textures, make it at first glance appear to be a much better and smoother playing game than it's counterpart. The Prince of Persia style of running, jumping and sword fighting are still familiar. There seems to be more fighting in the sequel and less exploring dungeons and trap doors, which is what I liked about the first game. Still, there are a fair share of secrets and treasures to find, which is what I love about all of the Prince of Persia games. There are a lot more rooftop battles, unlike being stuck in dungeons like in most of the last game, as the various scenes and environments attempt to try to show you around the city of ancient Persia. The game has several ports and recent remakes, including a SNES port that is missing levels and features poorer graphics compared to the PC version. The plot reminds me a little bit of Disney's Aladdin as you are a prince turned into a beggar by the evil Jaffar, no-one recognises you including the princess and you must leave Persia by a merchant ship and return as king of Persia!

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