Prince of Persia

Arcade 1989 Dos Dosbox Broderbund Platformer Tales and legends Side scrolling

A sidescroller action/adventure/puzzler revolution

Prince of Persia had brought forth a revolution in the realm of sidescroller games; while games such as Super Mario Bros had brought an edge to the actual platforming, this is the game that brought forth realistic animations ( the prince's movements were motion captured, to be as realistic, and to recreate the movement of a real human) physicality, and also a great balance of elements, puzzles, jumps, backtracking as well as well choreographed fights. All of these elements were realized well enough (though they may feel a little awkward to a novice player) by themselves, but all of them combined produced a very engaging game. Also, there are a few different graphical variations to the game; it could be played in EGA or full VGA, with a full spectrum of colors; this later options, for those lucky enough to have a proper PC (686 or above!) was a real graphical treat. So,give it a try, Prince of Persia is still a fresh sidescroller action, puzzler game, a game that did a lot for the action and sidescroller genre years before other games would jump at the opportunity.

Save the princess from the sultan's advisor

Price of Persia is the first in a series of 8 games that are released up to date and it is one of the best platform games in history. The game is set around an unnamed protagonist (you) that has to escape the dungeons of the palace of the Persian sultan and save his daughter from the confinement of his vizier, Jaffar. The catch is that you only have an hour to do this. There are traps in the shape of spikes, pitfalls and deadly guards and you have to avoid them all to get to the end of the level. The game is extremely hard to play and you will have to work hard to go through the whole 12 levels within an hour. The game is very old but still has anviable animation for that time. The protagonists has great agility and gymnastic abilities, he can jump, climb, kick and run with such ease that you almost forget that you are playing a game but seeing a real person doing those things. The game is fantastically exciting and fun to play and I used to play it for hours as a kid. The sound department is lacking, unfortunately. The sound effects are the most basic so that is a small setback. Otherwise, a fantastic game! Be sure not to miss out this game or the game's sequels, Prince of Persia 2 and 3D version of Prince.

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