XQuest 2

Puzzle 1996 Dos Dosbox Mark Mackey Item collection Casual

Top down action, simple and engaging!

In XQuest 2 you only have eyes for the gems, and the enemies only have eyes for you! Yes, you've been there before, you know how it all works! You are the little entity that needs to feed on gems, but, of course, the baddies want you! And they'll chase you and if they catch you... better not let them catch you! So, yeah, a well produced timewaster, pretty compact, pretty easy to get into but also a little too forgettable. Thus, unless you can't play another round of solitaire, this one will have to do. So, ultimately, if you were looking for a fun, addictive but unpretentious action game, seen from above, this can be it. Sure Pac Man offers more variety and a more strategic/puzzly kind of activity, but at times that can be a bit too, hmm, over stimulating! So if you want the abbreviated version of the Pac Man challenge, this will definitely provide. So give it a try, it is sure to be great, entertaining, really interesting and really small in scope. Play it, though, it can be a refreshing experience after a more complex game, or the thing that decompresses you after any other strenuous activity.

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