Super Gem'Z

Puzzle 1992 Dos Dosbox Software 2000 Item collection Arcade style Casual

Go go Super Gemz!

Taking its inspiration from classic action/puzzler Bomberman and colour matching puzzlers like Klax, this fairly obscure German game is quite the unexpected treat. It gets off to a good start with a nice anime-style introduction, which sets the mood for its cute and personality-filled visuals, and which is backed up by some funky music. There is some concession to story here, with some unnecessary guff about a master jewel thief who's just pulled his greatest heist and with the player taking on the role of the cute gang of heroes who must save the day. However, it doesn't really affect the gameplay much and can easily be ignored. Speaking of which, if you have played the company's previous Gem'X, this will be familiar as it expands on it and brings in elements of Bomberman, albeit in not quite such a manic fashion. You're presented with a series of single screen levels, around which are dotted blocks of various colours and a few roaming enemies. To complete a level, you simply have to push the blocks into each other so that they match, thus making them disappear. Levels start out pretty simple, but soon become more challenging and you really have to think about your moves, lest you move a block into a position where it cannot be moved again. It's very similar to games like Sokoban so if you enjoyed that, then you should find some amusement here. The added bonus here is the charming visuals and cool music, as well as a number of interesting powerups which mix things up as you go along, so if you are looking for a new puzzler to keep you occupied, this should hit the spot.

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