Pac Man

Arcade 1980 Dos Dosbox Namco Single screen Epic Item collection

DOS version of the classic arcader

Graphically, this Pac Man clone is a rather poor depiction of the original. The grid lines of the maze are rather thin and not that great looking, the ghosts also look rather poorly. But, heck, this game made its way onto the DOS platform at the very beginning of the 80s, which by itself is a rather big accomplishment, given that at the time most of the productions were text based adventures. Gameplay wise, I'm not precisely sure whether the game is 100 percent running the code of the original, but the ghosts seem to be inclined to share the same behavior within them, while in the original, they were designed with different AI characteristics. Oh, well, if you're not too concerned about this game feeling and behaving exactly like the original this won't bother you. Quite on the contrary, it might be a plus for it, since it can give you a novel experience, in the same microcosm of the original. So, ultimately, you will want to try this one out just for the fun of the original gameplay with the twist that the original mechanics of the ghosts patterns are slightly different.

A legend, no word for this arcade

This game is a legend. You should play it again and enjoy still the simple and funny mechanism of the game. Fall into the labyrinth and collect the diamond items along your way. A lot of ghosts are going to make your life difficult, but when they enter in panic mode, well, you can eat 'em all! Really a classic game, take the opportunity and download.

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