Action 1994 Dos Mark "Atomjack" Mackey Arcade style Top down

Crystal Quest like, but more modern

XQuest is a remix of the oldie arcade space shooter/gem collection combo Crystal Quest, and in all honesty it has a great build. Dissimilar to the original, XQuest has a much easier to control build; you can play it via mouse in its entirety; you can change the direction of the game by shuffling the mouse around, and the buttons are used for shooting and for some other actions. The thrusting mechanic seems to have been lifted directly from the Atari 2600 game Asteroids; also Asteroids like is the way the ship you control moves around; you have to use your thrusters well, so that you will establish your trajectory correctly. You don't want to speed up too steeply, as the ship can behave in ways that are hard to control. While there are no asteroids, there are loads of obstacles to move around, mines, and other enemy ships. Also, with each new level, the game speed increases a little, and soon enough it gets quite hard, so your attention will be solicited to the max! All in all, it's fun, a well done timewaster, and you'll love it. Download SuperFly too, for a similarly produced space based game; not as polished but fun timewaster as well.

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