Kiss Pinball

Action 2001 Windows Gathering of Developers Arcade style Top down

Rock out!

If there are still any KISS fans out there, they might be tempted to check out this unusual pinball offering but they're likely to end up disappointed, as is any pinball buff. This really is a pretty dire offering that simply doesn't provide anything that will interest either pinball or KISS followers, so you're probably best just playing Pinball Dreams or whatever the band's last record was instead of this monstrosity. At its core, this is obviously a pinball game which is themed around the legendary rock band. There's some kind of narrative explanation for why you're whacking little silver balls around, and the idea is that you're helping four demonic warriors to gather lost souls in order to finally defeat the Dark Lord. It's a lot of guff and simply an excuse to cash in on the band, and what you have here is simply two standard tables which feature a few bits of artwork with the grotesquely leering faces of the stars alongside all the usual elements of such games. You do have the dulcet tones of Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley to pep things up, but on the whole, the KISS connection is pretty thin on the ground, which is disappointing if you are a fan. This could be forgiven if the game played a decent round of pinball, but it doesn't. There are only two tables so it doesn't get long to see all the game's secrets, and the ones that are here aren't overly exciting. There's also issues with the flipper control, which is sluggish and unresponsive, while the overall speed is very slow, and the sound effects and visuals are less than impressive, making this one that is easy to avoid.

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