Traffic Department 2192

Action 1994 Dos Dosbox Safari Software Arcade style Top down

A futuristic top down shooter

While I expected to inhabit some sort of traffic policeman of the future, busy with keeping the intersections of the future as nimble as possible, my simulation dreams were shattered by the realization that this was just a fancy titled top down shooter. Though not a bad one, don't get me wrong. In it you play a lady officer (inside a vehicle for 90 percent of the game) that needs to assume control of the city and she has to do it the old fashioned way, by shooting as much as she can manage while avoiding civilian casualties. Graphically the entire game is true to its futuristic depiction of a steel and glass world, so, with that in mind you'd be hard pressed not to like it, especially if you have a thing for futuristic metallic structures and that kind of post punk look. What gets a bit old is the very classic and never changing arrangement and design of the missions, all of them tasking you with reaching a destination while producing as much damage as you can on your way. Well, I guess that simplemindedness was to be expected, but then again, here and there, a little variety wouldn't have hurt. So, yeah, take the game for what it is, a simple top down shooter, but the graphical setup can be quite enjoyable, nevertheless. It is similar to Seek and Destroy but Traffic surely is more stylish, graphically, then that one. I recommend them both, moderately!

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