Zipman III

Action 1994 Dos ZIPTEAM Platformer

Lacking character

You might be forgiven for thinking that this is the second sequel in a series but it actually seems to be the first one, which is rather confusing. However, even discounting this aspect of Zipman III, what's actually on offer here is a pretty poor platformer which is almost entirely devoid of thrills and character, so players are better off sticking with the classics like Mario and Sonic. The game itself is pretty standard and rather simple, with players controlling a rather nondescript little red creature who for some largely unknown reason must navigate its way through a series of standard side scrolling platform levels. There's nothing here that you haven't seen before, with all the usual features such as running and jumping, while avoiding the various enemies that litter the way. Unlike many such games, your character doesn't have any way of fighting back, making this purely an exercise in evasion rather than weaponry usage. Zipman III really is about as average as they come and while it's not a terrible game, it's extremely hard to recommend it to anyone but the most dedicated platformer fan or those who are extremely undiscerning. The visuals are so bland and uninspired as to be almost an afterthought, with seemingly little attention given to creating any kind of individuality or character in either sprite environmental design, while levels are equally uninteresting and lacking in variety or challenge. Really, unless you have to play absolutely every platformer in existence, you can quite happily skip this one, safe in the knowledge that you're missing very little of importance.

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