Mega Man X

Action 1993 Dos Dosbox Capcom Platformer

Mega Man continues to be awesome

First of the Mega Man X series (there are more than 15 X games), this adventure platform game plays very similar to the rest of the Mega Man games with a few innovations - X now has the ability to dash along the ground at any time, cling to walls and wall Jump, and dash and jump at the same time, increasing his speed in the air. This makes him much more agile than in the former games. He can also find capsules that can permanently upgrade his armor, which makes him both better and stronger than before. In this series we follow X in his pursuit of the malfunctioned robots that are wreaking havoc to the world the game is set in. The game's visual quality remains high and the game is a beauty to the eye. It's fast, dynamic and it's full of action and fun. The sound effects and music are also top-notch. Overall, this game is a huge improvement to the already great series and it's no wonder it became so popular that it continued in so much sequels, making the overall Mega Man game count to over 100 games to this day.

Play again and again

I can say that I really enjoy playing it, ever since a child I and all of my friends are fun of those megaman games, in family computer up to playstation. Its differents series really attracted us that we should have each and everyone of them. We really enjoy playing it, so im sure that there are still persons that will still play it because it is really entertaining even if it is challenging, that why no matter how many time we finished the games we still play it all over again, hahaha...

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