Puzzle 1995 Windows Dosbox Hookstone Tetris variant

Action puzzler with great visual features

The game is basically an action puzzler which has a very unique gameplay and a very interesting plot. You have triangular pieces and object which you will zap from all side, they are set in motion and you will then have to assume their color. If you go the color right, the piece will disappear and if you get it wrong, they will continue coming. The shapes of the objects and the unique color combination in the game makes it very inviting for the eye and gives the whole atmosphere a visually attractive look. When the objects are set in motion, the gameplay looks very exciting and you will definitely be pleased with it. The background images are very unique and like a space theme which is quite obstructing or causes you to deviate your attention. The action is really pulse driving and really catches you in a rush. A drawback in the game is that it is a bit tough to the liking of newcomers and the veterans are the ones that can enjoy it to the fullest. However the controls are very good which means that the beginners can also master the game with patience and persistency. The game is very much inspired from Tetris which the majority has already played. So to give you a good option along with this one, try out Qwirks.

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