Puzzle 1996 Windows Spectrum Holobyte Tetris variant

Catchy and cute

Qwirks is a 1995 puzzle game similar to Tetris. Those that like this kind of games, they will definitely like Qwirk's style and fantastic gameplay. You will control the falling colorful creatures, in the world they've landed, named Intergalactic Zoo. Those bubbles you have to manage reminded of another 90s Tetris game. You can rotate them, move them left, right, clockwise and counterclockwise,and speed up their falling as you wish. You do this in order to match the same colored Qwirks little creatures horizontally or vertically. This way, they will disappear, in an activated explosion. Make sure to create a proper arrangement to get to the next levels and to achieve extra points. The graphics are pleasant to watch, and are capable to get you involved enough in completing the main target. You will see the Qwirks fall from the ceiling in pairs of two. Until they reach the ground you will have to figure out a proper strategy to connect them, avoiding filling up the screen with them. If you fail to keep the background empty, the game ends. The three different game modes are interesting and addictive, but the most entertaining one is the Challenge Mode, where you compete against the computer. Play this catchy and cute game, where you will use your brain with high pleasure!

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