Puzzle 1995 Windows Virgin Interactive Tetris variant

Match the tiles puzzler

TriTryst is an interesting take on matching tiles puzzlers as it introduces 2 interesting rather novel mechanics. On one hand you don't play over a timer. New tile blocks are brought into the gaming field after you've chosen the location of the previous ones. Your goal is to match at least 3 different symbols together. The ones that are in line to each other will disappear from the grid leaving you the space to bring in new tile blocks. Once you've completed a levels, you get a new shaped playing field, the second innovation of this game. The trick is to fit the tile blocks in such a manner as to best occupy the space thus created, otherwise, some larger blocks won't fit in. You are offered points depending on the number of tiles you make disappear in one go and also depending on the overall time it takes you to finish each level, though, as mentioned, you are not running under the clock to finish the game. The graphics are functional and not too bad, but neither too advanced, but for the scope of the game they work just as good. Occasional puzzler players will find this title quite interesting and I do give it a good thumbs up.

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