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Crown (pc game)
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  • Crown pc game
  • Medieval game
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  • Flying Carpet
  • Pick lamps
  • Courtesy of My Abandonware.
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A simple run and jump game, that will take you on a world tour

The gimmick that sets Crown apart from your typical early 90s platformer/run and jump sidescroller is that it takes place on a medieval time map, in this realm that shares a few features with our Earth's macro Geography. It almost looks like it is a game that wants to create the world in sidescrolling strips and from there on, allow you to get all that you need from it; and, after all, a run and jump is a simple game, which, to add some more variety gives you trinkets to collect. Well, Crown does exactly that, and it includes shields and other such collectibles that you can and have to go about collecting if you want to increase your number of points that you gather. But, overall, even if different areas are produced with styles that are reminiscent of the real landscapes, you just can't escape the relative desolation and similitude between these elements. So, overall, Crown just gives you your money's worth, and it does so in a well behaved, well produced manner. Plus, you fight starvation, if you take too long to complete each level, and that too puts a spin on you playing fast and without hesitation. So give Crown a go, or download the old classic Xargon, of the era and just as..., well, shareware!