Steg the Slug

Action 1992 Dos Dosbox Codemasters Platformer

Colorful sidescroller fest for kids

Steg the Slug is a sidescroller rescue themed game, where you play a slug, a green little ball of cuteness, whose main goal is to save as many puppy slugs (because slug larvae doesn't sound as alluring!) from the road. It's all done in colorful plastic colors, vibrant enough but not extremely, which is a plus, given how many of these games would pump it all down to levels that got your head spinning. Overall, it is quite a small game, for the better I'd say, given that it never picks up in difficulty. But, like I said, its target is without a doubt the very little ones, those that might still have a penchant for wonder and for very cute play toys. There are also puzzles scattered in this slow crawl (pun intended!) which add the occasional distraction to the base game. So, if you'd love a kids game, a sidescroller, with the most minimalist of edutainment values, but ultimately just a cutesy little sidescroller, then Steg the Slug can fill that position very well. If you want a more edutainment rich edutainment product, then download this Super Solvers title. And have them both around to play at your (kid's!) leisure.

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