Risky Woods

Action 1992 Dos Dosbox Electronic Arts Platformer

Side scroller platformer which soon becomes repetitive

Risky Woods is a platformer which, most probably, wanted to ride on the coattails of its first few levels. These are more carefully designed, more imaginative, both graphically, both in the way they pan out. It is however quite soon that this game's brand of good and bad becomes apparent. After the first few initial level, the diversity rating stops to a breaching halt. You get a very unimaginative set up of levels, you get very few different layouts for the later levels and also more but repetitive enemies. Graphically, the game makes use of some elements which might feel a bit out of place. Greek like elements are thrown almost at random, here and there, and they sport no value for the gameplay, while also kicking you out of the immersion, if it managed to sink in with you in the first place. However, for the first few levels, Risky Woods sure does a good job, but it soon abandons the quality make up in favor of a rather bland make up of elements. At any rate do not think it a bad game, is just one that gets lazy pretty soon.

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