Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure

Action 1992 Dos Dosbox Apogee Platformer Adventure Arcade

Another Apogee OK platformer

In this platformer from Apogee, you are going to make your way, from left to right in a cartoony world filled with all sort of obstacles and all sort of cartoony alien monsters. If you've played any Apogee platformers from back in the day, you are going to realize the style immediately. Apogee was never too concerned with the best graphics, the best animations and it never managed to create the most fine of platformers, but it always did a good enough job, that maintained their business model, sharing freeware episodes and then selling full games, for a long time. However, Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure manages to be pretty playable, with just enough variety and challenge to keep you playing. Whether or not you are going to feel like you want the full game that is debatable, however. Yes, you are not going to run out of things to do, but, at the same time, you are not in for an epic adventure either. But for a relaxing experience, and a good dose of unimpressive fun, Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure will do the trick just fine.

Solid Platformer

I remember this game from the golden age of shareware and bulletin board systems, before the internet was widespread. Any game from Apogee software was a good choice. Cosmo was a solid platforming experience for the PC and I remember being able to beat it no problem, once upon a time. I tried loading it up recently and found that my skills have waned significantly. For people in need of a platform experience, Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure follows the formula precisely. You play as a young green-skinned red-freckled alien with suction cup hands, trying to find your family. Along the way, Cosmo jumps on or drops bombs on enemies in order to get to the exit of each level. The suction cup hands grip onto certain surfaces and allow Cosmo to climb. Relearning, or learning the game for the first time will be a challenge for anyone, even platformer veterans. The shareware version is the first episode of the series. The full version is more of the same. If you're the kind of player who knows what they like, and platforming is your thing, get Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure.

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