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Echelon (2001) (pc game)
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  • Game introduction title screen - cover
  • Mission
  • Echelon (2001) pc game
  • Map game
  • Green view
  • Guided missile
  • Search for enemies
  • Kill board
  • Secondary cannon
  • Enemy in front
  • Destroy the enemy base
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The producers did a great job creating this amazing simulator

Echelon is a 2001 action game, a futuristic simulator, where you play as a member of an elite force that has to fight against an invasion. You will travel around vast landscapes and around cities, while using many types of weapons (that vary from power to fire rate), and controlling aircrafts. The campaign includes 50 missions, where you begin as a Lieutenant with the possibility to advance as a Commander. I faced the real action by playing this game, especially at the first missions, when I struggled to take down the enemies with my conventional style, shooting hard with my weapons. You have to master some important attacking maneuvers before getting into the action, in order to prevent the frequent unexpected defeats. But I warn you: you will find out how easy it is to die in this game. The graphics engine will enchant your eyes with various spectacular visual effects. (massive explosions, images of spreaded pieces of attacked ships, that offer a realistic perception when it comes to disasters, water reflexions, wonderful detailed textures). So, if you want to enjoy the superb graphics to the fullest, you may need a powerful graphics card. The sounds, the gameplay, all of them deserve to be praised. See for yourself how the producers did a great job creating this amazing simulator!