Descent: Freespace: Silent Threat

Action 1998 Windows Interplay Space combat

THE classic space combat game

Here Silent Threat, one of the latest episods from the classic Descen saga. The game is basically a space combat action game which is the second version to the series and has a lot more to it in terms of action and variety in the gameplay. Starting with the theme of the gameplay, the previous war is over now and you as a space combat hero have been asked by the galactic terran intelligence service to join their forces. Though the war is over now, but they are building a large space ships with the help of shivan technology which indicates that a threat might be in place. The game has been added with many improved options and features this time. First of all, the graphics are far more improved than the previous installment and the action is sprinkled with some good animations which are were lacking in the previous version. There are about 40 new missions in the game and all of them are pretty much diverse and filled with distinct elements. The music is also better as compared to the last flick and the controls are very response and well calibrated with the gameplay. The user interface is more strong and powerful this time and so is the overall feel to the game. No Gravity is another fun filled action game which will excite you big time.

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