Action 2000 Windows Akaei plc 3D action adventure

3D Action adventure game in a fantasy land

Grouch isn't the type of game that concerns itself too much with a cohesive story. Instead it puts you in charge of a sword and arrow wilding protagonist and asks of you to jump from level to level while trying to preserve your life. The beauty of the game stands in the setting itself, and less so in your opponents. Thus, the game doesn't have a too diverse roster of enemies, but it sure does try its hand at a lot of different environments. There are forests to traverse, there are planes as well as underground complexes and while at it, you also get the undeveloped RPG element of the game. That is right, as you go on, you will encounter better weapons, and thus have a better chance against some of the more hardy enemies. The game reminded me of the Gothic RPG atmosphere but by no means does it try to beat that game: nope, it simply feels, at times, close to that one, due to the setting, but it never captures entirely what Gothic was all about. So, if you want to fight your way with a barbarian, sword your way through a good amount of different environments, this game can deliver, but don't expect a masterpiece, just an entertaining, relaxing action adventure game.

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