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Harpoon Classic 2002 Gold Edition (pc game)
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Naval warfare sim, detailed but hard to play

Harpoon Classic 2002 Gold Edition is a very detailed naval simulation game, so detailed in fact that it can be a pin to learn how to play it. It's got a plethora of controls, a lot of menus where the entire list of details of control and strategy are included, and on top of it all, it also has a mean AI, for really hard encounters. Compared to Harpoon Classic it is definitely more sprawling and more detailed, and it showcases a lot of the details that were asked to be included by the fans of the series. Thus, it has a platform editor, with which you can change items in the database and trim the game more to your liking, you also have access to editors of weaponry, the submersibles and the planes that the game includes. The game is hard, even after you've made yourself acquainted with the graphics, and you can be sure that it will offer you a really remarkable experience as far as tactics go, and thus, always offer you very intense skirmishes. Play it only if you are ready to become invested in a difficult to master game. Else, download Sim Maier's Pirates which takes a more cartoonish direction to naval warfare.

A great take in naval war games

This gold edition of the Harpoon Classic Series is a benchmark naval simulation which is full of exciting game-play. It has a lot of options which i did not found with other Harpoon Classic editions because many upgrades have been made with this one. It's a modern naval war game where you can use different strategies and options for game play. For the first time in this series, they have added option to build platform with their platform editor and you can also modify the already existing platform. Similarly you can update and modify the weapon systems by importing and exporting weapons. The other great add on to this version is that they have improved the A1 and especially in areas of aerial warfare and submarine. You can also use an editable database and can modify any scenario to make it complex or relatively easy. The game play is so swift and smooth that they are no delays or long loading procedures and no lags at all. The ones who are not aware of the Harpoon games can even start with Harpoon Classic '97 because the whole series is sheer fun and thrilling game play.