Free Combat

Simulation 2000 Windows Design Tool Organized Forces

Top down action/strategy; limited vision

Even if in Free Combat you control a top down looking individual, what he can see is what you can see. You don't know what's hiding in the back of walls, in corners, or in any other place where you don't have a direct line of sight. Thus, you are limited in this area. However, this creates a great strategic plus to the game, and it confers it a great realism, that is rarely seen in such games, if at all. Other than that, staying hidden, acting fast once you have the enemy spotted and using the right weapon is what the game is all about. Graphically, quality wise, it's alright, not too diverse, a bit too monochrome, but the essential detains are there, so it won't impede playability. It's great, looks nice, offers loads of missions and thus will keep you interested for a long period of time. There is also tactics gameplay to be had, as this is not some Rambo shooter, but a much smarter, involving one, so, keep that in mind; it's not the kill count that matters, but surgical precision in administering your blows. So, all in all, Free Combat is a great game, very promising, and very satisfying to look into. Else, download Cannon Fodder, for a more trigger happy, still strategic top down shooter.

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