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Strawberry Shortcake: Amazing Cookie Party (pc game)
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  • Bakery & sweets town adventure
  • Introduction to the game
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Hmm, cookies...

A somewhat bizarre kids game, Amazing Cookie Party offers some enjoyable but rather limited cooking based action for younger players. It's not a bad little experience, but it just doesn't offer enough variety to keep gamers happy for much more than a couple of hours, so unless you just need something to keep them quiet for a wet Sunday afternoon, consider looking elsewhere, perhaps in the direction of the Putt-Putt games. This one finds Strawberry and her chums having a tea party when someone suggests that making cookies might improve things somewhat. Along with her talking cat, Custard, she heads out to Cookie Corners only to find that she needs to find some ingredients before she can make the cookies, and which leads us into the game itself. There are four minigames here, each of which revolves around collecting a different ingredient: the first involves getting oranges from a tree with obstacles like woodpeckers making things more difficult; the second sees you making cake houses and the third finds you floating down a fudge river collecting fish pops and magic berries, while the final one sees you assembling all the ingredients according to specific recipes. The games themselves are certainly quite fun if you're part of the target audience, thanks partly to the colorful, vibrant visuals and simple but entertaining gameplay. There's quite a bit of variety in the four sections but it won't take long to finish them off and once it's done, there's little incentive to go back for more. So overall, this is a treat but a short lived one.